The line allows to easily automate the desired quantity of slips and corners of facing bricks for brick veneer.


Types of achievable brick slips, corners and facing bricks

The line allows to produce up to 5 different types of pieces according to the way the piece is loaded for cutting purposes:
  •  longitudinal cutting brick slips;
  •  side cutting brick slips;
  •  transversal cutting facing bricks;
  •  longitudinal cutting corners;
  •  lateral cutting corners.


Steps about the production process

The steps about the production process of bricks slips, angulars or facing bricks are:
  1. Feeder
  2. Cutting machine
  3. Separator with optional selection desk
  4. Selection desk


How it works

The bricks are manually loaded by the operator on the conveyor belt, onto their thickness, in a continuous row: thanks to this particular loading position we are able to guarantee low cutting speeds during processing and at the same time very high production capacity up to 40 pieces/minute in output.

Subsequently, the pieces proceed within the cutting machine, equipped with 1 vertical cutting unit and 4 horizontal cutting ones.
The cutting machine, core of the line, is designed to guarantee the maximum access to the operator in the working area as well as easy cleaning and maintenance operations.
Thanks to the PLC automation installed on the machine (optional) it is possible to configure and store the individual cutting recipes according to the initial and final product sizes in order to ease and speed up the set-up operations in correspondence with small variable production batches and product exchange.

After cutting, the upper part of the brick is separated, and it can be removed easily on a conveyor belt or reused for cutting the second slip. The finished pieces proceeds to the final selection belt for packaging, an operation that can also be performed automatically by using an anthropomorphic robot.

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