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SPS is the horizontal and vertical cutting machine for bricks in order to get brick slips, corners o other pieces required for brick veneer. 


Tecnema Breton Group is pleased to present to the brick market its new cutting line dedicated to the production of strips and angular pieces obtained from full of soft clay bricks (average density between 1,7-2 [kg / dm3]).

The TBG cutting lines have been designed to meet the high production and quality requirements required by the today market in the production of special pieces and are available on all international standard brick sizes. 


The main application of these finished products, which today is required by more and more major brick manufacturers, consists in the covering and renovation of existing facades by producing prefabricated panels, on which the slips and corners are applied.

The improvement in this application is not only connected to the aesthetic part of the façade, but also related to the thermal insulation of the dwelling, with the consequent energy saving.
It is also possible to use this type of products for the decoration and coating of interiors inside of the house. The strips are generally cut into thin 20 mm thickness size,  starting from the full brick, in different colors and variations, and it is exactly this dimensional characteristic that make them so appealing on the market; mainly  because the coating can be applied at low cost without the need of re-building doors as well as existing windows of the house.

The wide range of colors and the production quality of today’s leading manufacturers in the industry, allow the inclusion of bricks among the most important decorative elements within the nowadays international architectural scene.


The TBG cutting line allows, on the same machine, to cut up to 5 different cutting patterns depending on the positioning of the piece during the loading operations, as shown below:


In the following we show an example of a cutting line in its standard configuration consisting essentially of 4 machines in sequence:

• Bricks feeder
• SPS 4TO/1TV cutting machine
• Transportation and separation of waste
• Finished pieces selection belt
In the following a 3D cross-section of a line created by Tecnema:


The bricks are loaded manually by the operator in position 1 on a conveyor belt, onto their thickness, in a continuous row; thanks to this particular loading position we are able to guarantee low cutting speeds during processing and at the same time very high production capacity up to 40 [pieces / minute] in output.

Subsequently, the pieces proceed within the cutting machine, the SPS 300-4TO/1TV, equipped with 1 vertical cutting unit and 4 horizontal cutting units.

The cutting machine, the core of the production line, is designed to guarantee the maximum access to the operator in the working area as well as easy cleaning and maintenance operations.
Thanks to the PLC automation installed on the machine (optional) it is possible to configure and store the individual cutting recipes according to the initial and final product sizes in order to ease and speed up the set-up operations in correspondence with small variable production batches and product exchange.

After cutting, the upper part of the brick is separated, and it can be removed easily on a conveyor belt or reused for cutting the second slip. The finished pieces proceeds to the final selection belt for packaging, an operation that can also be performed automatically by using an anthropomorphic robot.


Finally, we remind to our customers that the specific characteristics of the machines and the complete design of all our cutting lines are completely customizable according to the final customer's production needs.

The operators of the SPS machine appreciate the simplicity of use, and the ease in moving from cutting a product to another with a few simple adjustments as well as the reduced percentage of scrap pieces and the precision of the cut obtained, thanks to this innovative technique compared to traditional products on the market.

Tecnema enters the brick industry with a cutting edge product and above all already tested and appreciated by the most important world producers.

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