Cutting Machines - Easy Kut 1300

Easy Kut 1300 - Automatic multi heads cutting machine

Multi heads cutting machine mod. EASY KUT 1300 in automatic and semiautomatic version, for big sizes up to 1300 mm.
The machine can be provided with number of main bearings from 1 to 4 to effect cut and pre-cut with minimum dimension of 145 mm. On each main bearing it is possible to locate up to 9 single blade heads with independent movements and controls; in this way is possible to have a perfect positioning and alignment of cutting blades. The automatic model, controlled by CNC, can be adjusted from a keyboard, without manual operation.

The main characteristics of the machine are:
• Extreme easiness in alignment of blades/heads;
• Size change made on keyboard or hand wheels without using keys or mechanical spacers;
• The blades are individually changed on each head;
• Possibility to select blades/heads during the work;
• The pressure carriage is automatically adjusted together with heads;
• Centering device, squaring system or guide - counter guide group.

EASY KUT, highly innovative machine in the ceramic tiles cutting field, thanks to its structure, allows any visualization of axles and motors on CNC’ monitor and makes easy the running of cutting process.
The characteristics of the machine bear high stability and reliability, reduced maintenance, big efficiency in production and not so skilled labor.

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