Dry cutting, incision & Crushing Machines


SHARK, maximum cutting flexibility to solve the ceramic problems related to materials with strong internal tensions.
Tecnema Breton Group is pleased to present to the ceramic market its solutions for cutting tiles into strips and / or squares totally dry.

There are three adoptable cutting techniques:

1) Engraving with a widia wheel and subsequent splitting break, technique used when the tile surface is smooth.

2) Preparation of a flat track by diamond disc (Depth h = 1 mm and LR = 3.6 mm) and engraving with a widia wheel and subsequent final break; used when the tile surface is structured.

3) Upper and lower incision by diamond disc (Depth 2 + 2.5 mm upper + lower, LR = 1.6 mm) and subsequent breakage.

When the material allows it (homogeneous internal stresses) the method 1) and the method 2) are used according to the characteristics of the surface.
When the material does not allow it (high and inhomogeneous internal tensions) method 3 is used.

The new Tecnema Breton cutting range is now ready to be presented to the market ... Contact us for further details!

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