Dry Squaring Machine Ghibli

HSC Technology (High Speed Cutting)

GHIBLI All or nothing!
The squaring machine in which the heart of Maranello beats
A project, mechanics and electronics without compromises.

In the HSC version, the Ghibli squaring machine is equipped with particularly performing and reliable calibrating spindles, the result of years of research and experimentation, characterized by a constructive mechanics worth of the best motorist traditions of Maranello.
The spindles are all driven by inverters and, thanks to a precise assembly of the bearings and careful dynamic balancing, can rotate up to 4,900 rpm giving the diamond wheels a very high peripheral speed, up to about 75 m /s.
By rotating at almost twice the speed of market standards, each diamond grain removes a smaller amount of material at each turn, generating a thinner ceramic powder.
In this way the stress on the material and on the grain itself is reduced, decreasing fracture and rounding phenomena, with a greater effectiveness and efficiency of the cutting action.
A better heat exchange between the tool and the material is achieved granting an increased performance of about 35% without increasing energy consumption, thus allowing greater removal and higher production rates of the line.
Significant is the fact that the spindle in HSC version is not subject to overheating and works at very low temperatures (35 ° ÷ 40 ° in a 30 ° environment) without the need of additional cooling devices.
The inverter allows you to adjust the rotation speed in order to adapt it to the types of material and tools, further optimizing the cutting action.
It should be added that the high rotation speeds determine an increase in the flywheel effect of the tool, whereby the machine is less sensitive to temporary overloads caused by over-sized material at the entrance of the line. 
As a consequence, the Ghibli squaring machine in the HSC version stands out for a significant increase in removal and production speed, as well as a containment of energy and tool consumption.
Like the GHIBLI wind in the desert, the high-speed tools of the Tecnema Breton Group squaring machine generate an impressive swirl of dust, captured by the suction system.

Technical Details


The innovative technical features of the Tecnema spindle allow the customer to provide a "turnkey" solution with warranty included on all the working groups for a total duration of 10,000 operating hours, without any additional cost for the customer.

The very high working speeds imposed by dry squaring involve the generation of high friction forces and mechanical stresses. If the mechanics of the entire spindle unit are not adequate, problems of reliability and reductions in the useful life of the working group can arise.

The Tecnema spindle is specifically designed to work at very high speeds, overcoming these technical limits and guaranteeing the customer a constant minimum friction operation over time.

Thanks to the high quality mechanics of the working group, in fact, the operating temperatures stabilize around 35 ° C without any need for external cooling systems.


• Possibility of using manual or automatic spindles driven by brushless motors (optional)
• Cast iron structure with increased dimensions, to increase rigidity and minimize vibrations during processing
Increased durability of the wheels, thanks to the stiffness / mass of the structure


Upper chamfering spindle
Lower bevelling spindle with adjustable support that also allows to use it as an additional calibrating spindle


• Independent belt drives for quick belt change
• No need for lubrication systems for the sliding of the belts


Squaring / pushing group with independent operators with the possibility of over 60 beats per minute. - TECHNICAL PATENT EU 2853343

• Possibility of automatic check and correction of the caliber and diagonal of the tile without manual intervention by the operator.

Electronic centering unit with controlled positioning and possibility of centering tiles in axis or off-axis in comparison to the machine.

• Centering repeatability with precision within 0.10 mm and consequent benefits on tool life.

• Possibility of constant minimum removal up to 0.25 mm per side and real-time recording of the position while driving.


By activating the SIZE EXCHANGE PROCEDURE, after selecting the desired recipe from the operator panel, each squaring module automatically positions its banks at the expected distance from the processing in less than 10 minutes, without the need for intervention by the operator.

During the procedure, also the centering devices, the squaring pushers and any other device of the machine adjust their position to the new format automatically.

By activating the WHEEL RECOVERY SYSTEM directly from the control panel, the machine is emptied from the workpieces and in less than 5 minutes, all the calibrating spindles are automatically re-positioned in the ideal working position.
The fluidity and precision of this operation is guaranteed by the PATENTED LASER SYSTEM that precisely measures the wear of each individual tool during the production.

We can guarantee a uniform wear of all the tools on all the calibrating heads during the production cycle, increasing the useful life of the grinding wheels (using each tool more efficiently until the end of the diamond) and increasing the overall production yield of the line.


In order to verify that all the tiles coming out of the squaring line are perfectly compliant with the first choice, standards, Tecnema Breton Group has patented a REAL TIME SIZE CONTROL.

This control is carried out by two lateral laser sensors present at the end of each module, which measure with continuity and precision the size/caliber of each single tile along the squaring line.

When the tile size exceeds the error threshold set by the operator through the control panel, the spindles of the automatic line adjust their position automatically, to ensure that the production proceeds correctly, without downtime.

In addition, two more laser sensors are mounted at the output of the second module. They allow to check the DIMENSION OF THE DIAGONALS of the tile. This means that, if necessary, the PLC software can independently modify the positioning of the material at the entrance of the second module, correcting the action of the pusher, and thus drastically reduce the margin of error.

The main advantages of this system are the following:

• Operators operate in greater security
• The number of tiles outside the caliber is always equal to zero
• Intervention by the operator is not necessary as all changes and corrections are implemented in a manner fully automatic, thanks to the PLC software
• The percentage of 1st choice, increases significantly up to 99.7%

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