A ventilated facade is a closed system that allows the creation of a ventilation chamber between two parameters: the wall structure and the external covering panels which are to be applied to it. This system allows both sound and heat installation to be improved and at the same time reduces the amount of dampness caused by external atmospheric agents. Safety is also provided during the fixation of the panels regardless of the height of the building.

Saving energy: Better control of interior air conditioning with a reduction in energy costs.
Noise pollution: The combination of wall tile panels and the created air chambers, leads to a reduction in external noise pollution.
Elimination of dampness: The wall tiles protect the building from the weathering resistance.
Safety: The application of the panels using a mechanical system instead of chemical fixation gives security without height limitations. The porcelain panels are supplied with a fibre netting on the reverse side which prevents loose pieces in the event of accidental breakage.
Accessibility: Full access to the building facade is possible in the event of any necessary repair work, alterations, renovation, or other essential maintenance.

1 Engraving machine
2 Fast drier
3 Fibber net application
4 UV drier
5 Roller conveyor

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