Tecnema is merged in Breton spa

7 January, 2020
Breton spa has completed the merger process to incorporate Tecnema
Breton Spa, who already owned 100% of the shares of Tecnema Breton Group S.r.l., has completed the merger process to incorporate Tecnema into Breton S.p.A. by December 31st 2019.
As a result, with effect from last January 1st 2020, Breton has acquired all of Tecnema's assets and liabilities.

The merger between the two companies shall enable to strengthen their synergies, which date back to 2018, with the acquisition by Breton of the majority of Tecnema, as well as to accelerate the group growth in the field of machinery and equipment proposed by Tecnema and offer our Customers an even more complete package of technologies and services.

Breton Spa, whose annual turnover exceeds 260 millions euros, designs manufactures and trades plants processing natural stone, engineered stone as well as machining centres for the aeronautic and aerospace industry.

The whole Breton Group employs more than 900 people, mainly in Italy, and can rely on a well-established network of foreign subsidiaries guaranteeing assistance and spare parts all around the world, where there is a greater percentage of our clientele.
At the current premises of Tecnema Breton Group in Maranello, Breton shall continue to focus on Tecnema’s traditional products, so that Tecnema's technological heritage shall not be dispersed, but rather enriched by Breton’s experience. That is why Breton has decided to expand the production area by renting a building close to Tecnema, so to ease the actuation of the industrial development plan.

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